INTRODUCING SINGAPORE-BASED IRIDE ICO is a newly born organization seeking to revolutionize the ride-share industry by providing drivers an option to pay less commissions through iRide token and blockchain is the world’s first ride-sharing application built on the Ethereum Platform. With transaction costs drastically reduced, our drivers are able to earn a considerably higher income that has not been available through other ride-sharing service companies. We are dedicated to the worldwide adoption of our technology.


OUR GOAL is to protect earnings for our drivers and lowering costs for our riders. We will provide multiple options of accepting payments for our drivers. Introduction of iRide wallet & iRide Token will allow drivers to exchange their crypto coins to other preferred crypto currencies or fiat currencies within a specific time frame to always guarantee correct value.


Delivering transportation solutions in an effective and efficient manner by providing low cost commissions for drivers through iRide Token and Blockchain Technology.

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Support & Donate Cash to Feed Vietnamese Orphans & Build FREE English/Vocational Training for the Poor/Underprivileged in SE Asia

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In partnership with GO.BE.HOPE
Rescuing Kids and Empowering Communities
“Let Us Help Bringing Hope and Changing Lives”

This is a Kids Meal & Education Ministry.
Reaching and Teaching Children in Poverty. “Get them off the streets and educated!”

We offer Free school to Vietnamese poor children:
We know the realization of how important it is to create a school for the poor/underprivileged children and orphans in the slum but our funds are limited. We’re asking for your support to establish several classrooms for the children to attend that would give many underprivileged children a chance for an education to a brighter future.

One injustice that inspires us to act is the lack of education available for underprivileged children in the slum. Many children cannot attend school because their families are poor and cannot afford school supplies or tuition. Also, the children don’t have birth certificates since they’re orphaned at birth.

We want to visit and welcome these children in orphanage and teach them how to read, write, show them the love of God and allow them to have a brighter future. Our main goal is to provide all the basic needs to all poor children who deserve and struggle.

We welcome everyone generosity. Do you want to help sponsor a student or an orphan in Vietnam? What about contributing towards building FREE English/vocational training facilities for the poor/underprivileged? Praying that the Lord keeps it coming for the Outreach Feeding & Educational Program by providing a nutritious meal for the poor children/elderly living in the slum every Saturday morning at 8:00am. in Ho Chi Minh City’s Xom Chuot (Slum Neighborhood in District 8). Because of the limited funds, we’re taking donations so that weekly feeding / education will be on going for many more years ahead.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Any support is greatly appreciated as we’re building the first of many more to come “Kids Feeding Program & Education Ministry” for the poor children and neglected orphans in Vietnam and SE Asia.