About Us

Kaloca is a California-based holding company with a mission to build a group of client companies under a trans-international trading umbrella. Our focus is communication bridge between North America and Southeast Asia. Kaloca has a unique strategy of growth and diversification by focusing on outsourced services moving East between from small or emerging companies that require and capable of outsourcing tasks/projects to Southeast Asia.









Kaloca focuses on activities that can yield extraordinary long term mutually beneficial rewards with diversified revenue streams:

  • 1. Call Center/BPO: Kaloca management and key operatives have cross cultural roots. We have a network of contacts and agents/brokers on the ground in distant places. These are people at the front line to get things done. We believe in cross cultural business as a positive experience by keeping it real. That means that we not only speak English and the many languages of Southeast Asia – we speak the language of business. If you have products/services in North America that you want to hit the streets in the world’s most bustling markets of South East Asia, then you need to talk to Kaloca.
  • 2. Asian Web/Social Media Networking Sites: Offshore IT Outsourcing & Software Solutions: If you think that Asian consumers are poor, uneducated and unable to buy your product, then we guarantee you that you are not currently successful. That is yesterday’s thinking. Successful businesses know that the hidden power for the world’s economic growth is in non-traditional markets. If you are not there now, then you are on the outside of the greatest wealth creation event in human history – the rise of Asia as the world’s most populous and prosperous region. Every Asian country has an emerging middle class. Differing political systems do not prevent business opportunity! Every country, without exception, wants business growth and trading. We will help you to get to basics of how you can act on this opportunity, not just think about it. If you are a small or emerging business, then you are ideally suited for the experts at Kaloca. Large companies don’t need us. Small companies with limited vision don’t need us. Success oriented ambitious North American small to medium sized enterprises that want to have real deals with Asian partners do. We will assist not only in the trading but also Asian social media/IT issues of tapping into a market that is still shrouded in mystery and misunderstood by North American exporters. If you don’t think Asian social media and IT matters, then you are out of date. Most internet users are outside of the United States – and internet speed is higher in many overseas markets than in the USA. Mobile telephony has a higher rate of adoption internationally than U.S. business people realize.

Founders Mission

  • We keep it simple: Kaloca is committed to creating significant enduring financial and brand values for our stakeholders through internal and external growth. We will help you make money in South East Asia!


  • Kaloca focuses on acquiring firms for its business growth objectives. The result is that our clients now have the best of both worlds. We understand capital markets – and BPO.